Crossfit Jump Rope By ShvoongSport Review #shvoongsport
October 27, 2015 by
I reeeeeally like the Crossfit Jump Rope by ShvoongSport!

Aside from being a bit taken aback by the design of this jump rope, it was easy to figure out why it was made this way and how to adjust the length. It's really light and the rope is 10 feet long. Everything is adjustable and it comes with bonus items (see product description below) and pretty much a whole new set, aside from handles.

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This post contains affiliate links, I will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase this product using my links. I received the Crossfit Jump Rope free for the purpose of a review. The following review is my own honest opinion of this product. ~ Ronda.

Not sure if you used to play double dutch as a kid, but I did. I used to love jumping really fast. Back then we used extension cords or telephone wires (they don't make'm like the used to). We used them because of the way they hit the ground and ease of changing speed because the wires were heavy enough to slap the concrete, but thin enough to control. The Crossfit Jump Rope reminds me of that, but better since it's actually made for jumping rope.
Crossfit Jump Rope By ShvoongSport Review  #shvoongsport
Product Description:

  • For a limited time, buy the Crossfit Jump Rope and receive 7 bonus items. FREE Gifts include a white sport towel, FitnessLife eBook, Carry bag, Extra 10 feet cable, Extra screws, nylon clips and a 15% Discount coupon code for your next buy with us.
  • Take your jump rope workout to the max with our one-of-a-kind jump rope and help you keep a high momentum and reach extreme speeds up to 300 jumps per minute.
  • Shvoong Sport Jump Rope is perfect lightweight, durable and compact.
  • Fully adjustable jump rope made with the highest quality materials. You can adjust the 10 foot rope to your height within seconds, without difficulty. Perfect for adult or kids.
  • Lasts a lifetime. No questions asked, lifetime money back guarantee.
To adjust the length of the rope, you just loosen the silver screw enough to allow movement. When you reach the length you want the rope, tighten the screw and that's as close to the end of the rope the handle would get. Some may choose to cut excess wire from the rope, but I will leave it since my husband will also be using this and he's taller than I am. Not to mention, the rope is really strong and would take more than the average scissors to cut it.

Taking everything into account, this is a great crossfit jump rope and it will be getting a lot of use from us. I'm glad it came with bonus wire!

I will be adding video to this review shortly (I tried to record my husband using it, but he was camera shy...).