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I Failed the Food Challenge, But I Won't Fail to Workout!
May 16, 2016 by

I really wanted to complete the 30 Day Food Challenge, but order of Butter Crunch cookies arrived and as much as I enjoy eating (things I shouldn't)...30 days of watching the box wasn't going to happen. At least not yet!

I have however, been sticking to my workout routine. I have to take a short break from Crossfit/Bootcamp because of my schedule, but I still have workouts I can do at home. All the workouts I've been pinning on Pinterest were not been for naught. I have made progress and there's no way I'm trying to revert to the old, more flabby version of me from a year ago.

Because Crossfit/Bootcamp consisted of a lot of random movements, jumps and muscle building, I had become accustomed to using the weight bench I have for different exercises. My bench could be used for box jumps and the weights can be used the same way I used them at the gym. Only thing I won't be able to do at home, are pullups and wall balls...but there are always alternatives.
I have been doing Crossfit/Bootcamp since November 2015, so I'm no longer a beginner. When I started I couldn't even do a modified pushup, now I can fly through them and I can even do standard pushups. I'm at the point where I have to really push myself. Not to mention, since I'm forced to take a break from seeing my gymmates, due to my kid's Summer break, I want to make sure when I return in September, I'm not physically back at square one.

I absolutely hate burpees, but (only when it comes to burpees) it's easier to push myself when I'm at home and not comparing myself to others who breeze through it. Every morning I have been doing the warm up I remember from the gym. Followed by a second warm-up >>> 30 Day Guns, Buns and Abs Challenge:
30 Day Guns Buns and Abs Challenge
My husband is preparing to do the challenges with me, so the same way I felt accountable while at the gym because someone sees whether or not I complete the WOD, I will feel accountable at home.

I'm almost excited for September to return, although I'm not rushing the Summer by. I can't wait to return to the gym and continue where I left off, but looking better!
Three days a week I would follow the warm ups with one of the many strength training routines by Lauren Gleisberg. Four days a week I revisit my Beachbody Slim N 6 workout DVDs!
Beachbody Slim in 6 DVDS
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