Food Temptations After Working Out
August 24, 2015 by
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my face outside a restaurant after a workout
motivation to exercise
I'm being tested. But, I realized what my problem is. It's not mean friends or that I lack motivation, what I lack is a bit of self control. But I won't freak out, it's something I can fix as long as I ignore a certain friend!

As soon as I finished my trampoline workout, she called me. I heard her calling while doing jumps, but I was so focused on finishing, I was able to ignore her. I drank two bottles of water and the had a small plate of food trying to tune her out, but I could still hear her. I have no idea what her problem was. I wasn't hungry, at least I had no reason to be. Why is she having such a hard time accepting that I NEED a change? Doesn't she want to see the new me?

Damn it, I'm trying to lose weight and my old friend, "Jelly Belly" keeps trying to get me to take her to TGI Fridays for our beloved Jack Daniel's Burger!
Why won't she shut up (I mean be quiet)! She keeps growling at me like an angry lion and I'm trying to fight the feeling of granting her, her wish, but in the back of my mind I'm still thinking about my "jump burger" coupon for my free sandwich! Oh gosh, writing about her is my refuge. I'm trying to use this as a tool, reminder to my blubber gut, that for the sake of me getting my sexy back, she has to go! I promised her a weekly treat, but we already had a burger last Saturday, how do I get her to understand that in a few days, I will take her to get another? My belly wants a burger!