Get ALL Beachbody Programs for $99!
Get ALL Beachbody Programs for $99
May 11, 2017 by

Best of all, it's FREE for the first 30 days!

Could you believe Summer is right around the corner, already? Well, not exactly, but summer break is, if you live in FL. The kids have just a few weeks left of school. Your plans to have your summer beach body ready may be slowed now that the kids will be home all day, but guess what? If you have a computer, smart TV or some other smart device and can stream workouts, nothing has to change!

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If you like to workout in the privacy of your home, take advantage of this fabulous offer from Beachbody. I have my favorites, like Slim in 6 which always comes through for me, and fun dance workouts with Shaun T. But I'm greedy, I want more and I know you do too! With this new offer from Beachbody; for $99 WE CAN have it all!

"Stream the best workouts in fitness, get proven meal plans,
download workout calendars, stream the FIXATE Cooking show,
and more from Beachbody!" ~Beachbody
Workouts and cooking shows. I didn't even know they had cooking shows!