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Good Compression Tights if Your Calves Tighten
September 14, 2016 by

I don't like to run!

I don't like to run! Not because I can't, because trust me, if a dog or zombie was chasing me, you'd think I was competing for a gold medal in the Olympics. My problem with running or speed walking is that my calves tighten to the point where I need to stop moving. This is a problem I faced since I was in college. I noticed as I did the normal, but so not normal NY fast paced walk from the train station to school, my calves would begin to hurt. As I sit down, I felt relief. I heard and tried everything...drink more water, stretch more, eat a banana every morning, buy compression socks, go to the doctor. Nothing helped. More than one doctor told me there was nothing physically wrong with me that should cause the problem I faced. So, it's just something I live with.

Every day that I am at crossfit, we do a bit of cardio in the middle of the warmup. Usually a 400 meter run. But, I don't do it. I do a 200 meter walk (stroll) around the building, because if my calves start to hurt, I wouldn't be able to do the workout. This girl has no problem lifting something, but please don't ask me to run anywhere!

One suggestion by another member was to forget the compression socks and start wearing compression tights. They cost a bit more than regular workout tights, so I bought two pairs to try out and noticed a big difference. Now I own a dozen. One day I was able to walk fast with the only major problem being running out of breath, and only mild tightening in the calf area. The second time I was able to jog. I haven't run during the warmup yet, but I did run a bit during my walk to the grocery store. I really have compression tights to thank for that! Amazeballs!!!

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Looking for compression tights, here are some great options:
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These are my favorite! A pair of Compression Go-Warm Base-Layer Tights from Old Navy. This is what I wore when I realized I could walk and jog again with no pain. The most difficult part was getting it on the first time.
Embarrassing, but I will admit I like high waist compression tights for more than just the calves benefit. I was also able to do box jumps with ease because I didn't feel that uncomfortable jiggle from my belly when landing a jump. That makes me want to throw up. The compression really make the workouts more pleasant and I need my workouts to be as pleasant as possible because I don't like working out...I just long for the results!
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