I THINK I Found A Way To Stay Motivated to Workout
June 11, 2015 by
No, I'm serious...this time!

OK, OK, I know you've "read it all before" when it comes to me posting about going to workout, or going to follow a plan, but by George I think I've finally got it! A few days ago I went to the gym with my mother. After doing the elliptical, I started to wonder, why am I burning gas to go to a gym to use a machine I already have at home...along with a rower, weights, weight bench, fitness ball, AB roller, a half dozen DVDs and VHS's (yes I still have VHS' tapes), and a kinect with a dozen fitness games. I spent all this money on products to lose weight and get fit, but still have a blubber belly! As I blew dust off four varieties of Jillian Michael's and The Biggest Loser games and meal plans, I realized for years I have been the Biggest Loser, in the wrong way. I seriously needed a boost to get me off my butt! I found it in my kids!!!
No this isn't one of those sappy posts about giving up the sweets for my babies.
I wish it was, but dammit, the donuts have a hold on me.

I should look at my beautiful kids and say I can give up all the junk food in the world for them, but it hasn't been easy and to be quite honest, I don't want to give up the good (well sort of bad) stuff. I do find myself listening to them though. Since the day I went to the gym with my mom, I gave them assignments. They like reminding me of the time, when I tell them we're going somewhere at whatever time, or mentioning the time when I tell them food will be ready, so now they remind me at 4PM that I need to get on the elliptical! For some silly reason I tune out my alarm clock!

It's worked so far and at a rate of 50 cents per workout reminder, I realize it's going to cost me as much as the gym membership, minus gas. I don't mind when the money is going to them and I really do need to get off my seat warmer! Now that they're involved, I don't want to disappoint them or myself. Plus, I'm a little embarrassed about starting...again!

Wish me luck! :)
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