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RIMSports Weightlifting Gloves Review
May 24, 2016 by
RIMSports Weightlifting Gloves Review
Although I'm forced to take a break from the gym, due to scheduling, I'm still doing crossfit/bootcamp workouts at home. 5 days a week I continue to weight train, do cardio, etc. so, it's still necessary to use the gear I would use at the gym.

Ronda Writes Disclaimer: I received the gloves free from RIMSports to try and share my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase this product using my links. ~ Ronda.

I was given the opportunity to try RIMSports' Women's Wrist Wrap Workout Gloves. I wasn't really in the market for a new pair, but this one looked really good and had features my current gloves lacked.
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My Current Gloves

Seriously, these gloves are gorgeous. The design is modern and feminine, but it's durable.

What I like about the gloves most is that it offers support for the wrists. Something my current gloves does not do.
Manufacturer Details

  • Designed with no slip contact padding to give a firmer hold.
  • Created from fabric that is breathable so less perspiration accumulates.
  • Constructed with 100% leather and spandex for long-lasting durability.
  • Unique wrist wrap design provides valuable support for your wrists.
The wrist area is a stretchy material and it includes a strap that wraps around providing double protection, covering about 3" below the wrists. That extra support is great for push press, overhead press type workouts because it makes the coming down part pretty easy on the hands. The outside area of the hand is a stretchy, mesh, breathable material and that material is also included at the base knuckles.


The issues I have with these gloves is the length of the fingers. My fingers are a short, stubby version of my Dad's, but the fingers of these gloves doesn't even fully cover the bottom third of my fingers. So when I wrap my hand around barbells, dumbbells, do burpees, pushups, bear crawls, etc., it's uncomfortable and I feel everything unless I'm doing a workout on a mat (which I rarely do). I feel the roughness of the ground and the roughness of the weights. My hands already have mild calluses in the area of the hands that meet the fingers. I'm trying to avoid a bigger issue, but don't believe these gloves will allow that.

My second issue is that these gloves are thin. They are not thick enough to provide much comfort and there is no padding at all in the thumb area.


The gloves are nice, nice design and I would recommend them for beginners or people who do not engage in very intense workouts. For people who do more advanced workouts, a thicker pair of gloves would be required for comfort, especially one that covers more of the fingers and also provides protection to the thumbs.