Save 50% on Beachbody's Focus T25
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Save 50% on Beachbody's Focus T25
April 5, 2016 by

There are so many ways to get fit. For a long time I tried doing it myself, in my home, but I have only been successful since going to boot camp / crossfit classes. For me, a venue where I can get a boost of motivation from live bodies telling me to try harder and to keep pushing myself is needed. I have been with the "box" since November, pretty good for someone who used to quit a program after 2 weeks, huh?
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The sale is from April 6, 2016 to April 30, 2016. Take advantage of it now!
Save 50% on Beachbody's Focus T25
Fitness is not about being better than someone else
I see videos my friends post and share of their success with at home videos and I'm so proud of them. Personally, I tend to slack off so at this time in my life, I need to be amongst others. But, classes can become expensive.

When you think about it, for someone with the control and ability to succeed using DVDs, the cost is a one time payment (or a few small payments if using a plan) that's just a fraction of one month of classes at a gym. Even lower with Focus T25.

Think you have what it takes? Well, take advantage of this great offer from Beachbody for Focus T25's workout:

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