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Recently, I have received a few inquiries on my Facebook page regarding and how it works. I have been an affiliate for years, but never have I seen so much interest. I don't know if it's because people are more aware and willing to take advantage of ways to save money, or if it's that people are more interested now than ever in supporting small businesses and trying new food. I figured a blog post would be the perfect way for me to outline the benefits of gift certificates!
Ronda Writes Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase this product using my links.

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Save at Local Restaurants with
Once you arrive at, you enter YOUR zip code or the zip code for the area you will be visiting. If you want to decrease the number of options displayed once you click 'search', enter the type of food you're interested in, for example; Chinese, American, Caribbean, Italian, etc. You can even look up a restaurant by its name. Your favorite may be on the list!

The cost of gift certificates vary and the benefits vary. Take a look at the example below.
What I do, is choose the option that will best serve me for the occasion. If I expect to spend $50 worth of food at a restaurant, I would select the option that has a minimum spend of $50, so that I can save the most.

Using Notaro Ristorante as an example, as you can see a $25 gift certificate would cost $10. In order to use this gift certificate, I would have to spend a minimum of $50 at Notaro Ristorante. That means, I am receiving $50 worth of food for $35 ($25 gift certificate for $10, plus the $25 I would have to spend to make the total $50). That's a savings of $15. That's great considering most non-franchise stores do not have coupons that are so easy to find. is a great way to save money while checking out restaurants that are new to you, and visiting some of your favorites.
Keep in mind:

  • The gift certificates are more like coupons than gift cards. You can print them or show them to the waiter using your phone. I consider them coupons because they are conditional. You always have to spend a minimum amount in order to use it and some restaurants exclude certain days, times or holidays.
  • You can exchange them any time you want, no questions or hassles. I've done this before when I go to a restaurant and decide I no longer want to try their food, lol. Or when a restaurant has closed down or no longer accepts gift certificates.
  • Gift certificates do not expire.
  • There is USUALLY an available promo code to save even more on your GC. So the $10+/- you would spend can cost less!
  • isn't only good for saving on food, you can also save on entertainment, travel and more!

But, if you're like me and enjoy even deeper discounts. Take advantage of sites like or TopCashBack. At the time of this post, TopCashBack is offering 15% cash back on your gift certificate cost and Ebates is offering 10% cash back. Not bad! When using your promo code and cash back, YOUR $25 GC has cost you $5.10 ($6 - 15%)!!! Sometimes even less.

SUPER DISCOUNT: $25 GC's will be on sale for $4, June 29th and 30th!
Use that with Ebates or TopCashBack and you've got a deal for as low as $3.40!

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