Shrimp, Chicken Breast and Mashed Potato Meal! - Results of Recipe
May 5, 2015 by
Shrimp, Chicken Breast and Mashed Potato Meal
Ever since I've tasted TGI Friday's Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp, I craved it more and more. I didn't want to have to drive there and spend money on just one meal, when it looked simple enough to make myself, so I searched for recipes. I found many recipes online for this meal, and most of the ingredients were things I already had in my fridge or freezer. However, the most important ingredient, Chihuahua cheese, wasn't so easy to find.

I did find the cheese in Walmart, but the bag was huge! I was not going to purchase it, because the meal only required a small fraction of cheese from the bag, so the rest would go to waste. I decided to make my own version, my way! Because of this, there are no specific measurements in my recipe, it's suited to taste. But, here's the recipe on Check it out!


  • Instead of Chihuahua cheese, I used a 1/3 slice of Sharp Cheddar Cheese and 2 slices of Mozzarella Cheese (60 calories each).

  • I did not use any peppers