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Trying to Reduce Inner Thigh Fat?
February 23, 2018 by

It's bathing suit season nearly year 'round in FL, and I haven't worn one without a coverup, in a very long time. I have family visiting in a few months and I know a big part of their visit will be spent at the beach. I need to look good! Even with a tankini to cover up my tummy, my thighs will be visible. So aside from eating healthier and exercising 5 days a week in an effort to lose weight all over and tone, I have been working on my inner thighs, A LOT.

I am a sucker for gadgets...that work. I try to find a freebie in any area I can, but I'm not too cheap to spend money to speed up a process to get the results I want. One of my favorite thigh gadgets is the ThighMaster.

Do you remember the ThighMaster? Come on, if you're an 80's baby or born before, you have to remember those Suzanne Somers ThighMaster infomercials. My mother had one, and back then, it confused me. I guess it was because I didn't have much meat on my bones and couldn't relate. But now that my thighs continue to giggle during a walk, even after I've come to a complete stop, I see its value.
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The ThighMaster is two curved metal tubes covered in foam, that are attached by a round, plastic cylinder in the center. It works by placing it between your knees and squeezing your knees as close together as you can, fighting the resistance of the tubes. Any bit of force you use to get the handles of the tubes together is fighting the resistance of the gadget, which is what makes it useful for more than just working the thighs. You can also use it to work out your back, arms, chest, etc..

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A few years ago I went looking for a ThighMaster. I'm still too frugal for the Suzanne Somers version, so I looked up the reviews and ratings of knockoffs and found a doozy. Just as effective. Even if spot training is believed to be a myth, since working that area I have seen improvements. When using it, I "feel the burn" and by placing it different ways, I can also use it for resistance situps and workouts that benefit other parts of my body.

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Suzanne Somers ThighMaster
Don't like gadgets? Something else that has made me break a sweat and feel the burn in my thighs and more, has been a video on YouTube posted by Built Brick Apparel. You may remember the woman in the video as Buffy Da Body, if you watched music videos in the past, but today she's a fabulous fitness instructor and business woman.

For women (like me), who prefer the "thick-fit" shape, she's the one to follow. I currently wear a size 10. According to "BMI charts", I should weigh between 107 and 140 lbs. At 140 lbs., I wore a size 3 in clothes. I do not want to be that small again. My goal size is an 8, 6 at the smallest. With the food and workout plans I have been following, I should meet my goal before summer. But, I focus on weights and videos to make sure I am not left with a smaller body but a lot of loose, sagging skin. To increase results, I add ankle weights to my workouts, even while following the mentioned video.
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Ankle Weights
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