iCaughtSanta in my home again! Plus contest!
iCaughtSanta in my home again! (Offer share plus contest)
November 23, 2013 by

Remember last year when I posted a review about iCaughtSanta.com? In case you have no idea what I'm referring to, click to read about my iCaughtSanta.com experience. It's a program where you simply take a photo somewhere in your home, then choose between Santa Clauses or even reindeers and add them to your photo. The software makes it look like you've caught Santa in action...for real! This couldn't be any easier. It makes a great keep sake for kids and kids at heart. My children loved it!
Ronda Writes Product Review Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned products free for the purpose of a review. The above review is my own honest opinion of this product. I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try, and do not believe in.

iCaughtSanta.com before photo Santa in my Livingroom
iCaughtSanta.com after photo Santa in my Livingroom
iCaughtSanta - RondaWrites.net
Living room before Santa's stop!
Uh, wake up dude...you have a gazillion homes to visit!
My kids caught Santa in our livingroom
^^^ Heck no! I know you're Santa but rules are rules!
No shoes on the sofa!

Darn it! He slept so long "My kids caught Santa" >>>
I knew those sofas were a little too comfortable!
I know he works just one day a year, but visiting all those homes has to be hard on an old man. I just left him alone to sleep for a little while and all of a sudden I heard my kids screaming. They caught Santa in our livingroom! I bet their friends will never believe it! Glad I caught this on camera...!

Feeling lucky? iCaughtSanta.com's hosting a 2013 Customer Appreciation Contest via Rafflecopter. Enter to win an iPad Air plus Amazon, Visa or Starbucks Giftcards! Over $1,500 in prizes! Enter at www.iCaughtSanta.com. Woo, I could really use that!

They even have other characters, like the Tooth Fairy, which I proudly used for my son when he lost his tooth. But, enough (cyber) babbling for me, I have news to share: From now until December 10th, YOU can catch Santa for FREE in honor of iCaughtSanta.com's 5th Anniversary! Use code: #SantaShare

Just so I could take advantage of this offer, my family and I decorated our tree this week. I was trying to wait until after Thanksgiving since everyone seems to think I'm strange putting up decorations right after Halloween, but I think this week is wait enough! Right? Take a look at the photo from last year (right) and my new pictures below!