Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway
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Disclosure: I received a sample of the Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi free from the Purex Brand in exchange
for an honest product review. I do not recommend products I have not try. All opinions expressed are my own.
Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway!
September 18, 2013 by

By now my readers should know how much I like Purex detergents! Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try their new Purex 'UltraPacks' plus Oxi with Dirt Lift Action! Usually I stick with pouring liquid, but I'm sure I never use the right amount on my clothes because I just fill up the cap and pour the detergent into the washer (too lazy to look for lines on the cap, lol). With the UltraPacks I don't have to measure. Which means I won't use too much detergent...which is just wasteful!

The "Dirt Lift Action" UltraPacks includes Oxi and Zout stain removers. I never heard of Zout stain removers so I had to Google it (It has very high ratings), and I already know from experience that Oxi is pretty good. Seeing that these laundry pods are 2x concentrated, I know I won't have to worry about whether or not my clothes would be clean! The concern I had was, would it make my clothes soapy to the point where it doesn't rinse well and irritate my sensitive skin? I also worried about the UltraPacks not dissolving fully since I know that was a complaint people had with another brand.

Apparently, someone else must have wondered the same thing, because as my clothes were washing I continued reading the package the UltraPacks were in and listed on the back was, it has a "low sudsing formula that rinses clean". Goodness, they think of everything! Also note, these pods actually feel thinner than the dishwashing pods I use. After I finished washing hubby's shirts I went on a hunt looking for the UltraPack and thankfully it was gone...poof!

It's Giveaway time!!!

Thanks to the generous folks at Purex, THREE PEOPLE will win a coupon for a FREE package of Purex UltraPacks!
Enter now! Open to US Residents, 9/19/13 - 10/10/13. There are also a few more giveaways going on now, including the Red Football Jersey Giveaway. "About the Sweepstakes: Find the red football jersey hidden somewhere on Purex.com
and WIN $50! 10 Winners! Hint: Just toss and go!"

Giveaway Ended
Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway
Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway
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Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway!
Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway
Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway