ExfoliMATE | Magic Exfoliating Body Cloth
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ExfoliMATE | Magic Exfoliating Body Cloth
I don't use wash cloths when I shower, because I don't really feel clean afterward. I prefer loofahs or bath pouf sponges because I like to feel a scrub. However, an issue I have with mesh pouf sponges is unraveling. That's so annoying!

"This magic exfoliating wash cloth is our unique version of the Japanese exfoliation towel
but with softer fibers and special weave pattern for a smoothing microdermabrasion effect."
- Green Heart Labs

I was in the market to try something different, something that would last. I was introduced to the ExfoliMATE | Magic Exfoliating Body Cloth. I wasn't sure what I was going to get. It looks like a scarf, so I just hoped it wouldn't be a useless cloth with a roughness that fades away after it's damp, like a konjac sponge, which is great for the face, but not for the body. Sure the description says it's an exfoliating cloth good for chicken skin, backne, buttne, etc., but the proof was in the pudding!


In the shower, the exfoliating cloth was just what I hoped it would be. It's rough enough for me to get a good scrub and still gives a good lather. Just add soap. Although the lather isn't as rich as it would be with a pouf sponge, there's no waste or excess soap left over. My husband wants one, because he is continuously battling the loofahs. They never last with him, so the body cloth will be perfect.

The ExfoliMATE provides a stronger alternative to pouf sponges and a better clean than washcloths. Plus, the length allows you to get a thorough, full body clean since you can hold the ends to scrub parts of the back you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise. Best of all, it's machine washable!
Disclaimer: I received the ExfoliMATE | Magic Exfoliating Body Cloth free for the purpose of testing and sharing my honest opinion.
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