Mi Bella Reina 24K Gold Face and Neck Mask
October 17, 2014 by
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Mi Bella Reina 24K Gold Face and Neck Mask
After posting about the 25% off discount for Mi Bella Reina's 24K Gold Face and Neck Mask, I couldn't wait for my shipment to arrive. I saw the stock photos, but I still wasn't sure what to expect. I've tried face masks in the past, but they would be creams that dry and I would have to peel off the pieces, or it would be some papery film that feels a bit rough on my skin.

When the package arrived and I opened it, it was obvious...this was different. The mask was in a solution, so I knew it would be moist, but I had no idea it would be jelly-like.


  • Open the mask and pour the liquid into a cup
  • Massage the liquid onto your exfoliated skin
  • Place the 24K Gold Mask onto your face, starting around the eye area, then smooth onto face
  • Leave on for 20 - 30 minutes

I felt no skin irritation nor did my eyes burn even though it slid over my eyes while I was standing, so I kept it on for the full 30 minutes (laying down after I applied the Neck Mask. When I took it off, I noticed minimal discoloration around my forehead (see after photo above) where the mask was and my forehead that wasn't covered by the mask was. That was caused by the moisture and went away a few minutes later. I didn't notice a huge difference, but my skin felt so refreshed and looked brighter afterward. I'm going to try one set on my Mom to see what changes occur for her! Her results coming soon!