Monroe Piercing Update!
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I finally got a Monroe Piercing!
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Monroe Piercing Update (Swollen Lips)
Monroe Piercing Update!
October 19, 2013 by

Well, so much has happened to my little piercing since I got it a few days ago that I thought updating my post was a must! Many times, probably daily my husband would tell me to stop fiddling with my lips. It wasn't until I got my piercing and caused some serious swelling that I realized I did in fact touch my lips too often.

After night one, I found myself chewing on the insides of my cheeks as I normally do. Because of the stretching of my lips that takes place for that to happen, my piercing started to hurt. I placed ice on it and the pain went away. The next morning, I had issues! I woke up and went to brush my teeth and wash my face. In the mirror I could clearly see my piercing, but I somehow forgot about it while washing my face and totally irritated the piercing again. Then, when I went to dry my face, I dried my face with a towel as I normally do, roughly. As I moved the towel off my face it somehow hooked onto my piercing pulling it away from my face and the ball fell off. OMG!!! This is the part where a normal person may just give up on the piercing, but not Mrs. Ronda!

I tried looking for the tiny stud and had no such luck. So I spent an hour with my tongue pressing against the labret so it wouldn't move from its hole. That's when I tried figuring out what to do and remembered that I have a dozen navel rings that I bought but never used that may fit the stem. I sterilized one top and screwed it onto the labret. The white cone was horrendous and all I had were a bunch of awkward colors like rainbows of different color mixes and green (eww, who the hell would want a green booger looking Monroe jewel???). Luckily I found a black stud in the mix, so I chose it since it looked most like a beauty mark. I still didn't like it, so I ordered a few more online (really nice ones). I was reminded that there's a Spencers at the local mall so I picked up a set of replacements today, while I wait for my diamond set to arrive.

I already have juicy lips (a.k.a. soup coolers), but look at them swollen >
So embarrassing!!!

Update to my update: After gargling with salt water after every meal for two days the swelling disappeared. I love my piercing. I wish gargling with salt water would give my big belly the same results! :/