NYX Cosmetics Lilac Face
June 4, 2017 by

Disclaimer: I would NEVER recommend a product I did not try, and do not believe in. This post contains affiliate links.
Yes, I still use MAC foundation, concealers, etc. Would love to use their pigments also, "but the way my bank account is set up..." (my Kevin Hart impression)...lol. 
NYX Cosmetics Lilac Face
NYX Cosmetics Lilac Face
Luckily there are brands available like NYX, e.l.f. and L'Oreal that are affordable, but have great quality makeup that can provide the look you're going for. I didn't want to paint on too much this night, because I knew my sisters would be going for a more natural look. But, I also wanted to try the purples I found on sale. Purple. It looks pretty good with silver, right?

Anyhoo...About the evening

My sister's birthday, sister time, Mother's Day and family time wrapped into one weekend. I had no sleep from work that had to be done before the fun, and now a few more days of no sleep? I didn't want to "activate" my allergies, so I didn't do a major face, because a lot of makeup around my bottom lids this weekend would leave me with even puffier, more watery eyes. I was basically playing in makeup y'all!!! But, mildly.

What I like about NYX pigments is it lasted all night. The lip butter did have to be touched up because I devoured one (just one) of my chicken and waffles and wiped some off. Hope you like!
You wouldn't be able to resist that dish either!