90's fashion is so 2010...2011...2012!
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90's fashion is so 2010...2011...2012!
December 12, 2012 by

I was born in the 80s, so by the time I reached the age where I would reeeeally notice what styles were in, I became obsessed with the Salt N'Pepa look. Too bad I was too young to imitate it. :(

I was however able to live vicariously through my older sister. She had the big bamboo gold earrings I really wanted. The cut up jeans with biker shorts under- neath, lol. Oh yes, let's not forget the baggy denim jean suits.

A lot of the styles from back in the day, left! They never returned and probably won't return because they're just NOT cute. (ie: anything Screech from Saved by the Bell wore (1989 - 1993)). Then, there are some residual 90's fashions! Like the fanny pack I still use! Don't give me too much grief, I didn't buy it...it used to be my mother's. As a teen, I would raid her closets before she had a chance to "christen" her things, so I'm not sure if she ever had a chance to use it. But, it is still my gym/walking necessity! I thought I was weird wearing it, but I really don't care! I still see a few people using fanny packs, granted their fashion sense most resembles the Golden girls, but if they can wear a fanny pack with their head held high, so can I dammit!!!

Just so you know, hair styles from the 90's have returned too. Stars like Cassie and girls in music videos and even neighborhood girls can be seen wearing their hair with one side shaved (like Pepa). Earlier this year, Rihanna was seen sporting 90's wear! And many celebrities have been caught with the vintage 90s shorts (aka high waisted hot pants) on!

Are there any 90's styles you like? Or still wear?

BTW!!! The Hipz Bag company was gracious enough to allow me to review their modern fanny packs and offer one up for a giveaway!!! If you're interested in winning one of your own, visit our giveaway section for current giveaways!!!
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