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Affordable Dress Wear for Kids
June 3, 2017 by

My oldest graduated from elementary school!

It was bitter sweet. I'm so proud of him, but a few tears did fall realizing how much he has grown up. During the graduation, they played a slideshow that displayed photos of EVERY graduate and each photo they took while at the school. My son was a student there since 1st grade, so seeing him go from the super skinny, missing teeth cutie pie to my handsome young man made my eyes water. I enjoyed watching other parents react to how much their kids changed as well.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

A requirement for the graduation was for kids to forgo the jeans and wear their Sunday's best. My kids love to dress up, but they wanted a 4 or 5 pierce suit like what their dad wears. I checked the mall, and stores like Burlington, TJ Maxx and Marshalls for affordable dress clothes and shoes, but either their size was unavailable, or the price was ridiculous.

As an online shopper, and Amazon obsessed, that was my last option to save on the outfits they liked. I ordered his suit one week prior to the graduation and his shoes two days before. As a prime shopper, I knew I had time to return and reorder if need be. Regarding the shoes, I kept my fingers crossed hoping he would get them in time.

Here's what we chose:
The Bello Giovane Boys Grey Pinstripe 5-piece Suit is beautiful. Great quality, strong material and perfect stitching. I couldn't find anything wrong with it other than the sizing, but I was able to overlook it because it's larger and my son can grow into it. It is listed as a 5-piece suit, but it comes with a bow-tie, making it a 6-piece suit. Pieces include a vest, tie, jacket, pants, pocket square and a bow tie. I was a bit nervous ordering it, because purchases can be a hit or miss depending on the seller. I didn't have a lot of time to decide and there weren't a lot of reviews to determine whether or not this would be a good purchase, but I chose to take a chance since the only negative review was regarding a bow tie I didn't really care about.

My son wears a 16, but I ordered an 18 since he is husky and tall, and I wanted the suit to have a little room. I probably could have ordered a size 14. The pants and jacket was too large (width and length) for him to wear now, I actually fit into it. The shirt and vest had room, but fit well enough for him to wear to his graduation along with slacks he already had in the closet. Suit out the way, now I had to think about shoes.

I called a local store ahead for the shoes and asked them to hold it in two different sizes so he would be able to try them on. I was told the shoes were in stock and being held, but somehow the shoes I requested were listed incorrectly and when we get there, they held sneakers I did not ask for. So, two days before the graduation I ordered his shoes on Amazon, keeping in mind it may not arrive in time. Thankfully, they arrived!

My younger son didn't want to wear the dress pants, he decided to wear his corduroys. But, he still looked sharp!
Bello Giovane Boys Grey Pinstripe 5-piece Suit (Free Bow Tie)
Based on personal buying experience, and from what has been the experience of many other shoppers looking for formal wear for boys, I would recommend suits from the posted sellers. The quality is very good and the price for what you receive is fantastic. Just don't wait until the last minute like I did. If you're an amazon prime member, order your suits at least two weeks in advance so if you need to order a different size, you have at least 4 'return' chances to get it right, lol. Otherwise, you'll be using slacks you already have in the closet like we did.

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