Black and Silver Skinny Bangles
April 27, 2013 by

What do you think of these bangles?

I really like these. I always wanted a full set of skinny bangles, because I just love the way they look in addition to the feminine jingle they make when my hands move. My mother gave these to me last week during her visit. She bought them for herself because she loved the color, but gave them to me because they kept sliding off her petite hands. This is one time I love having my dad's conga playing stubby man hands, lol. They're heavy too! :)
Black and Silver Skinny Bangles
White and gold bangles
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These bangles are not available, I'm keeping them :) But, you can win a nice white and gold set of your own!
USA and Canada only!

Contest open 4/27 - 5/15!!!

Contest closed