Clutch Bags For Any Occasion
May 09, 2016 by

While prepping for an event last Saturday, I decided to change my pants at the last second. I wore gold pants and realized I had no clutch to match it. When I wore the pants previously, I walked around with a large black tote bag that I had to lug around on my forearms the whole night. I wanted something small for this night, but none of my clutches matched. I ended up using a straw bag and decided to hunt for clutches of different colors the following day.

I always liked to mix patterns and colors, so I wore leapord print pumps with a blue and plack peplum top. What I wanted was a small clutch bag in gold to blend, but the gold bag I already owned was too small for everything I needed to carry.
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Here are some of the items I liked. Most are pleasantly affordable!

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