Gift Idea - Natural Wood Watch
May 25, 2018 by

Personalized products and a company that stands behind them!

Prior to Mother's Day, I received the opportunity to try a personalized product from, no strings attached. I didn't need anything for myself, but it was around my son's birthday so I requested the Natural Wood Watch. I personalized it with his initials and the year he would receive the gift. After it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised considering the price they're sold for online.
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On, the Natural Wood Watch is sold for $23 and includes the option to have it engraved. Should you choose to, you may select from ten different fonts. It's placed in a lightweight wooden box that is also engraved. The watch band is made of leather. Who would expect such beauty...engraved beauty would be available at a regular price under $25?

Photos do not do it justice! The watch is really nice and the price point makes it a great gift for a stylish child or adult.

What made me decide to create a post about the watch is the company's customer service. My son wore his watch to school and while playing around after school he somehow caused the watch crystal to shatter. I contacted Personalized Cart to see if it would be possible to receive a replacement watch crystal since the local shops didn't sell the size needed and they shipped me a brand new watch. Issues with companies are not common for me, but I have had a few experiences with products and when I notified a company the problem would go unresolved, or ignored completely. So I value a company that take the problems or concerns of customers serious and work quickly to solve them. Natural Wood Watch Review
They don't only sell watches. They also sell engraved and/or customizable mugs, glasses, jewelry, cases, office supplies, home goods and more.

If you're looking for gifts for him, her, or "them", visit!