Gold Retro Bikini Bralette Crossover Body Chain
July 1, 2017 by

I have a few body chains, but they're nothing extravagant. Basically the usual chain straight down the midsection from the neckline to the pelvis and maybe a chain or two across from left to right.

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When I saw the Retro Bikini Bralette Chain Harness, my jaw dropped. Just look at the photo, isn't it a showstopper?

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Gold Retro Bikini Bralette Crossover Body Chain
The body chain is pretty heavy and the links are strong, so as long as the color doesn't turn, this should last. What really caught my attention is the design and the multitude of hanging chains. It's a lot to admire, yet it's not gaudy, and still maintains a classy, sexy look.

My hair!?! It's not a pullover, after putting your arms through the sides, you connect the two sides together by the neck chain, which is adjustable.
You don't have to worry about snagging the hair on your scalp. My hair reaches the middle of my back and although my hair is straightened, it's kinky and the ends still curl up. My ends did not get tangled in the body chain either, since the chain is more to the sides than it is to the middle of the back.

Made of? Alloy.

Wearing to? Many would wear this to the beach, but I think it's way too nice for that. I wouldn't want to risk it getting wet and the beautiful gold color fading, since it is gold plated and not real gold. I would wear it with a tank top, fitted top, or dress.

Stay tuned. I will update this post after wearing the Retro Bikini Bralette Chain Harness Body Chain out tonight!