It's freezing, my style picks when it's chilly in Florida      #Style
January 27, 2015 by

Ok, so I won't complain. It's freezing by Florida standards, but with the rest of the country facing blizzards, I am thankful all I have to deal with is strong winds and low temps. But honestly, 60° F isn't what it used to be. When I lived in NY, 60° meant a light jacket and tee or no jacket and a sweater. Something about FL changed the way my body reacts to anything below 75°. It was so cold and breezy today, I found myself chasing the recycling bin through our yard, and I actually shivered. I thought my nose was running too, but it turned out to be tears. Yes! The weather made me cry. I canceled plans to window shop and went back inside, just looking for something to clean up. Goodness!
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Cape Style Trench Coat, because I like the cape shoulders and the length is great with a pair of leggings or stretch pants, like this pair from HyBrid & Company.

Splendid Women's Janet Boots are a YES! Genuine leather with a chubby heel, so they're as comfortable as a pair of wedges. As long as it isn't snowing outside, I will wear a sexy peep toe pump. I love the design, adjustable slingback and the sleek heel.