Ladies: Hot Youthful Looks for the Holidays
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Hautelook: Cute Styles for the Christmas Holiday Season!
December 8, 2012 by

While checking emails, I came across one from Nordstrom's company, HauteLook. It's kind of like a Groupon for top name brand clothes and accessories. I really like this site, the only problem is they do not house the items, they work with stores/suppliers who have the items. This can result in more than one person purchasing the same item (if there's a limited number) and one of them having to be refunded. The good thing about the refund is, not only will you get back all the money you've spent, you will also get an addition HauteLook credit!!!

I browsed the website looking for cute outfits that would work for the Holidays! I'm a curvy girl (aka someone who needs to lose weight NOW lol). I wear a size 10 - 12, so I chose styles people who wear size 0 to a size 14 may look good in. Of course, you won't purchase your items here, shipping can sometimes take too long. But you can have an idea of the pieces you can put together for the cute Holiday look.

I call these the "hide a belly / muffin top" styles!
Ronda's Picks for hot looks for the Christmas Season
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