Lariatneck Long Necklace with Adjustable Druzy Drop Pendant
November 18, 2017 by
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Lariatneck Long Necklace with Adjustable Druzy Drop Pendant
The Lariatneck Long Necklace arrived packaged in a nice red box with ribbon, but it may also arrive in a velvet bag. It is a beautifully thin, 37" chain necklace with two Druzy Drop Pendants whose hang can be adjusted. Slide the silver bead up or down to shorten or lengthen the drop chain.

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Before I expressed interest in trying this necklace for review, I looked at other reviews first. I didn't want to try something I wouldn't like and I wouldn't want to spend time on something not worthy of my readers attention. I determined it was worth a try and saw photos of it reaching the waistline or even the belly button of other reviewers.

But, on me, it didn't fit the same...
Lariatneck Long Necklace with Adjustable Druzy Drop Pendant
Manufacturer Product description

"Lariatneck was founded in 2010, it takes the mission of creating trendy jewelry on the shoulder from day one. Designs are driven by the passion of pursuing timeless beauty, we create collections with global trendy element. Each accessory is allergen-tested and nickel free, and pays tribute to contemporary women with unique style.


Adjustable: The bead fastening is tight enough to fix chain, you can pull chain through the bead with a little strength.
Material: Eco friendly alloy, resin pendant. Not easy to fade.
Total length: 37”; tear drop size: 0.7"x0.5”
Total weight: 0.5 oz.
Packaging: 1 necklace X 1 velvet bag packing.

Product Maintenance:

1. Avoid folding the snake chain to prevent chain from being out of shape.
2. Avoid direct contact with water or harsh chemicals, to keep its shine.
3. Clean with a soft cloth.
4. Store in velvet bag or jewelry box in dry condition.


30 days quality guarantee. If you have any problem with the lariat necklace, please contact us directly, so we can solve your problem in 24 hours."
I have large bust and pretty good bras. My Lariatneck necklace reached right below my bust. Although it didn't fit as low as I would've liked, I appreciated the length and ability to adjust the drop. Usually for me, and probably others with large chests, long chains tend to move around too much. Sometimes on one side or the other, and ending up near the armpits. I also have a wide neck and cannot wear chokers.

With the adjustable bead, I was able to limit the actual length of the chain, so it stays in place. Also, by making the necklace more of a v-line, without being too low, I could create the illusion of a longer neck.

Regarding the quality, it's a very nice chain and I had no breakage or reason to doubt its value. It's affordable and as long as it's treated as delicate jewelry, you should be fine. Also note, there is a 30-day product guarantee, that can be utilized if needed!

Like it? It's available for purchase on!

In Gold-Stone, Rose Gold-Stone, Silver-Stone and Silver-Black Stone.
Lariatneck Long Necklace with Adjustable Druzy Drop Pendant