Lulu*s and my mint color dream
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Lulu*s and my mint color dream!!!
February 21, 2013

I checked my email this morning and saw that Lulu*s has stocked up on more mint colored items! Woohoo! What are your thoughts on the following pieces?

This watch is sold at Lulu*s! The "On Your Side Mint and Gold Watch" for $23.

"State Your Business Blue and Mint Green
Necklace" sold at Lulu*s for $20! Because of the
square shape in the necklace and around the
watch, these two pieces can be worn together

Brogue-in' Dreams Mint Handbag by Urban Expressions at Lulu*s >>>>>>>>>>
Sold for $66.

Now, too much mint could be overkill! These outfits are cute!

<--- This color mixed with mint is so Springy / Eastery <3

<<< Hawt!!! What do you think?
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Mint color watch from Lulu*s
Mint Necklace from Lulu*s
Mint Bag from Lulu*s
Spikes Cadet Studded Lavender Midi Dress
Keep it Real Belted Black Shirt DressLove it!
Frozen in Time Blue and Beige Lace Dress