Mint is such a sexy color
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Mint is such a sexy color!
December 28, 2012 by

I've had a fascination with pink for a long time, but mint is my new favorite color. Everytime I see someone with something on that is minty(?) I have to stare. Here is a collection of some mint colored pieces I found on the web. More on my Mint - Pinterest page!

I have been looking for this jacket all over. Definitely don't
have Kardashian money, but I can find something similar!

    <- What can be said about
    this outfit other than it is
   hot, hawt and any other
    hot spelling possible. It is so
    classy and classic. When I
    first found the jacket online I
    was curious to see what kind
    of bottom it would be paired
           with. I was hoping I wouldn't
    see black, or a cream/sand color
    and it wasn't. Pairing it with
    bottoms that are a little of
    everything makes it even nicer!

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