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New Year's Eve Dresses
December 26, 2016 by

It's party time! Oh, it's party time!!! Or a great night to go to church, if that's how you prefer to bring in the New Year!

Personally, I haven't been out on a New Year's Eve Night in years. I rarely have a babysitter, and the people I do trust to stay with my kids have their own plans that night. Also, when I do have someone who is able to babysit, I end up falling asleep. For some reason I get tired early and have to take naps before I go out, lol. Even if I would like to go out, my body sometimes has other mattress is so comfortable... At least I remember to set my alarm clock to 11:55PM. This way I can wake up in time to watch the ball drop, scream Happy New Year while waking up everyone in my home, make a few Happy New Year phonecalls and go back to bed.

Just incase I do go out, I have some outfit ideas in mind. Or, at least some ideas to share with my readers who may need help trying to figure out some outfits to put together. Think shiny and/or glittery! Black, Red, Gold or Silver.

Here are some ideas for similar outfits you may already have in your closet. Or, something you can place a rush order for...or find in a local shop!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

In case you were wondering, features styles in Regular, Plus and Maternity and even Men's Wear! What's even better, is styles are usually on sale for an additional 40% - %50% off, coupon code on website!
From the styles shown above, has any of the dresses caught your eyes?
How do you usually spend New Year's Eve?