Oh My! These Nine West Bohemian Boots are Hot!
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Oh My! These Nine West Bohemian Boots are Hot!
February 5, 2013 by

Wow! To you, these boots may look like a basket or really thin hamper...but I see a beauty! Probably not the most comfortable pair of boots money can buy, but they're so different that I really like them.

Only two concerns I have:
-How awful would the tan lines be?
-If someone has big calves, how strange are those "tight marks" going to look once the boots are off, lol. Things tend to feel tighter when sitting down...that could be uncomfortable!

"Bolden" from the Nine West Vintage America Collection!

Back order until April 30, 2013 and retails for $299 (Ouch!) (update: sold out as of 3/11/13)

What do you think? Like them?
Bolden - Nine West Vintage America Collection
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