SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet with LED Light
July 19, 2017 by

OK...this is pretty fantastic!

I have wanted a large, strong jewelry cabinet with multiple compartments for years. One that can handle my eclectic mix of costume jewelry. This jewelry cabinet goes above and beyond my expectations.

Disclaimer: I received the following product free to try and share my honest experience. This post contains affiliate links.
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I was already fond of the SONGMICS brand after purchasing their storage benches for every bedroom in my home. The price was right and the quality was exactly what I was looking for. Aside from storing their toys, my kids use theirs to sit on while playing video games because they find the cushion to be more comfortable than their chairs. If it can handle them, it can handle a lot.

So, in my normal fashion, when a chance to try the SONGMICS Jewelry Armoire came about, of course I took it! It's something I always wanted.
SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet with LED Light
The over-the-door hooks each have 4 holes, so you can adjust the height of the armoire.

EXPERIENCE I didn't store my jewelry exactly as suggested by the design, because I have a lot of costume jewelry. I left my bracelets in another jewelry box and used the bracelet rod for my heavier necklaces and chains. On the glasses/perfume shelves, I stored my larger earrings and earrings with posts, and I used the stud holes for earrings with french hooks since they would be easier to find and I wear them more often. In the drawers, I placed earrings I no longer wear and plan to give away as well as other little trinkets.
OUTSIDE The jewelry armoire was packed securely in the box in between thick Styrofoam, and multiple cardboard pieces at the edges. It comes with two keys, two over-the-door hooks, four screws for the door hooks, two adhesive strips and two long screws for wall mounting. On the outside-front there is a full length mirror and a keyhole lock on the door. A real lock with a real key by the way, not the flimsy little bendable key some jewelry boxes come with. On the back there are holes for connecting to the door hook as well as two holes if you decided to mount the jewelry armoire directly on the wall, see above photos. The top of the armoire has an on/off switch and battery compartment. If you choose to use the light, it requires 3-AAA batteries (not included).

INSIDE There are multiple compartments for storing jewelry and 4 bright LED lights.
SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet with LED Light

  • 65 ring slots, 40 stud holes and 4 metal earring rods
  • 24 necklace hooks and 1 bracelet rod
  • 6 drawers for the small accessories
  • 3 shelves for glasses, perfume, tie, watch, etc.
  • Mirror Size: 43 7/8''H x 10 3/8''L (111.5 x 26.5cm)
  • Overall Size: 47 1/8''H x 14 3/8''W x 4 7/8''D (119.8 x 36.5 x 12.3cm)
  • Product Weight: 27.3lbs (12.4kg)
SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet with LED Light
The armoire is heavy and really sturdy. The drawers can be pulled all the way out. I was nervous about placing my necklaces on the bracelet rack because they're bulky and various sizes, but the door was able to close with no problem or adjustments.

The only negative I could find about this product was the smell. Out of the box there is a smell of paint. But, with fresh air circulating the odor should go away with time.

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