Let's Talk Fashion Scarves!
November 17, 2012 by

Ever heard of a hooded scarf? Apparently, they're so hot, some stores, like Urban Outfitters have them on back-order until mid December. The hooded scarf is a really cute idea! I barely wear hats unless it is a bad hair day and I would be keeping it on for a while, because of the way it messes up my hair style. But, a hooded scarf can be placed on the head in such a way, that you can slide it back and off your head, and finger your hair back in place! These are fashion scarves, so it doesn't have to be worn in cold weather only, but isn't it great that it will still serve the purpose of being able to protect your neck, your head and ears from the cold air.

A cool, more daring look would be the animal print scarves with animal like appeal, these things come with ears! Lol.

This Hooded Strip Scarf is cute too,. I wouldn't suggest these styles for an adult, but it is a fun, cute style for someone who is of school age. As well as this Hooded Stripe Scarf, both soldout at Claires.
Hooded Scarf for Men
Hooded Scarf for Men
Since it is a scarf, men can wear this style as well. After a quick Google search, I found lots of photos of men in hooded scarves. The second photo to the right is from a post listed in 2009, but as you can see, some things never go out of style. At first glance the typical man, hubby included, might consider this look a bit too metrosexual, but as you see in the photo from Formengifts.com (isn't he a cutie pie?), men can still look masculine and sexy!
Sexify Your Scarves - Look Cute with Fashion Scarves!