Style: Sexy in Denim
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Style: Sexy in Denim
May 24, 2015 by

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I will be spending it at the Palm Beach Jerk Festival. I'm not sure how long I would be staying there for, because I'm really going for the performances, but I know Jamaican artists have a tendency to "make an entrance" hours later, so I have to dress accordingly. It is HOT here in Florida, and the weather is expected to be HOT tomorrow. The festival is at the Fairgrounds, which means there won't be many trees for shade, so I'm planning to wear something light, although I will be in jeans. That means, no girdle...a girl has to avoid as much sweating as possible.
Light Blue Button Down Dress - Amiclubwear
The only thing that could make this Light Blue Button Up Dress better, is short sleeves. The flowy bottom may help keep my legs cool, but the sleeves would cause me to sweat.
Light Blue Denim Strapless Dress -
I really like this Light Blue Denim Strapless Dress. I have large chest and sometimes it's hard to find a cute top that can cover it, but this has a bit of stretch.
Dark Blue Denim Stone Wash Dress -
The problem with this dress is the long sleeves, however because the sleeves are wider, it may still be comfortable to wear in the heat. I also like the flowy bottom and the side shirring. That addition would help exaggerate an hourglass shape. Also, the top appears to have enough room to fit someone with a large breasts (me!).
Memorial Day
Must wear:
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Jeans with slits/cuts (the thighs need to breath)
  • Light, flowy top

I considered a denim dress, but the two I own are too long for me to feel comfortable. I need to have leg room to dance! I glanced around and if I had time, I would've purchased something similar to what's in the photos below...

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