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Lulu*s and my mint color dream!!!
February 21, 2013 by

Ofcourse, when I got today's email, I opened it. When it comes to clothes, I always check my emails, lol. I saw these two dress and fell in "like at first look". Then I looked at the backs of them and lost interest... Here's why!

Aren't they lovely? I agree, but I have a little problem with the back of them. What I like about the mint dress is mint color of course, but that it's also lace. That lace look really dresses it up. Plus the cap sleeves make it really unique.

This black dress is Hawt! I like the vegan leather upper and the flowy skirt. Personally I have to worry about how my mid section looks in clothes, and I wouldn't have to worry about it with this dress on.

What keeps me from buying them

Why is the split in the green dress so high? This would have to be worn as a tunic to be appropriate anywhere. I would definitely sew the split together is I were to buy this dress, but then I'd have to worry about movement. If the split is closed you might not be able to walk.

There is something about the back of the black dress that I do not like. If the top half was a shirt it would be cute with jeans, but the skirt looks odd with it (just my opinion). Maybe it's the visible zipper?
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