Candids from the 52nd Annual FIHA Pow Wow
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A Few Candids from the 52nd Annual FIHA Pow Wow
March 28, 2017 by

We couldn't stay long, but I wanted to see the Grand Entrance...

We weren't able to check out the FIHA Pow Wow on Friday or Saturday, but wanted to see the Grand Entrance Sunday so we wouldn't have to wait until next year. 
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FIHA Powwow 2017
FIHA Powwow 2017
FIHA Pow wow 2017
I heard many wonderful things about it, which made me eager to visit. So I'm guessing the reason my experience was different is one of two things: either the people who were reviewing it have never actually been to a pow wow before, so they have nothing to compare it to. Or, there were more vendors and dancers on Friday and Saturday than on Sunday, the day I visited.

Compared to other Pow Wows, this event was much smaller. There were vendors selling beautiful jewelry, clothing, dolls and Native American crafts. I was able to purchase real sage. The drumming and singing was terrific. But, in regards to the actual pow wow, there wasn't much going on.

My cousin lives on a reservation. At their pow wows, there are hundreds of dancers, public and private ceremonies, different tribes, and food galore. Beautiful, extravagant costumes and an event that makes you want to spend a day there. We arrived an hour before the Grand Entry, and left right after it. There wasn't much food, no teepees and no reason to stay any longer. At least I got my sage!

I plan on going next year. I want to see more of the event, because I'm pretty sure there's more.
FIHA Pow wow 2017
FIHA Pow wow 2017