Mega-Star Repair For Diva Hair from Twisted Sista Review
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My hair has been permed, damaged, permed again and damaged some more. I told myself on many occasions that I was going natural and after a few weeks I'd see new growth and give up on the whole natural idea. I haven't permed my hair in a few months and I have about three inches of new growth that I flat ironed out daily. That just causes more damage.

Once the chance to try Twisted Sista products came about, I decided to stop blow drying my hair or flat ironing it so I can see if it would help activate my curls as it claims. I knew it would be hard because only my roots are curly/wavy, the ends are still pretty straight when dry. So to help speed up the process, I'd also towel dry it so it doesn't straighten. I have medium/fine hair, so it shouldn't be too hard, right? Curly when wet, wavy when dry if towel dried. It's very wavy in its natural state, but I only see that part of my hair when new growth comes in. I was told to be completely natural I would have to cut my hair at the point where it's only unprocessed hair(?) That would leave me with about three inches of hair and I don't have the guts to make that kind of commitment yet!

I Googled all over looking for ways to speed up the process of getting my entire head back to its natural state without having to cut any of it off, unfortunately I couldn't find a single video or blog saying that was possible. But since I have not permed my hair in months, I was determined to see if I could do it anyway. Luckily there are tons of youtube videos online showing styles for curly hair. I decided to pretend my ends were no longer straight and use the ideas in the videos and the Twisted Sista products to see what the outcome would be in the morning.

NIGHT ONE: After I washed my hair, I towel dried it until it was damp. I parted my hair into (estimated) 2 inch squares, sprayed each part with the 30 Second Curl Spray and combed the spray through my hair with my fingers. I then twisted my hair and rolled each twist into bantu knots. This spray really does work. I saw the ends curl up as I slid my fingers down the strands which was shocking given the state of my hair, it pretty much looked like the curls I had right after I washed my hair, as if my hair was still soaking wet. After I finished putting my hair into the bantu knots, I then used the Scalp S.O.S. Hair and Scalp Revitalizer. I plan to use it as a daily leave in treatment (you have the option of rinsing it out in the morning or leaving it in).

IN THE MORNING: As I took the bantu knots out of my hair, I did notice that the serum dried and made my scalp a bit white. I used a little water in the parts to make the white go away which was not hard at all. I also noticed in the middle of my hair where it usually feels dry and brittle, felt softer and not "crunchy" as it did before. I used to think I was going to go bald because I was a hair grease lover and no matter what I did that area would remain dry. It's way too early to judge the S.O.S revitalizer but I can surely say, aside from the bits of white stuff (minimal issue) I'm glad I know about these products because I was able to get the natural look I wanted without having to cut anything, and the middle of my hair is in a much better state and it's only been one night!
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Mega-Star Repair For Diva Hair from Twisted Sista Review
Mega-Star Repair For Diva Hair from Twisted Sista Review
Mega-Star Repair For Diva Hair from Twisted Sista Review

The first picture is of his hair in its natural state (while dry), the second picture is his hair when wet, and the third picture is his hair after I sprayed it with the 30 second curl spray. >>>>>

July 7th - EXPERIENCE: It's been weeks since I've started using the S.O.S. revitalizer and it may still be a little early for me to notice any major results. My hair used to be what I considered on the medium/fine side and it is noticeably thicker, but I don't know if that's a result of the serum or that I stopped using harsh chemicals and heat. I will continue using the products until they are all finished and then update this review.

Regarding the other products sent to me, I absolutely love the curl activator creme and the blow drying creme. The 30 second curl activator worked well to bring out the natural curls quickly, but after about an hour I had to add sheen spray because my hair looked dry. When I use clip in extensions in my hair to give me a fuller look, the blow drying creme worked very well to blend the tracks with my hair without me even needing to use the blow dryer. I have been trying to find those products at my local stores so I can continue using them, but I had no luck so I guess I will have to order them online.

Disclaimer: I received the mentioned Twisted Sista Hair Products free for the purpose of a review. The above review is my own honest opinion of this product. ~ Ronda.