My Baymont Inn and Suites Celebration Review
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Ronda Writes Product Review Disclaimer: I booked the listed hotel via and decided to share my thoughts. The above review is my own honest opinion of this venue.
I would NEVER recommend a location I did not experience, and do not believe in. I DID NOT receive any compensation for this review. ~ Ronda.
My Baymont Inn and Suites Celebration Review
June 28, 2013 by

This is new for me. I've never written about a hotel stay before because I really had no reason to. Seriously, how many times can I post about a place being sooo great? But as my usual readers know, I'm a deal hunter. Usually when I make a purchase through the, I'm pleasantly surprised. But, I was shocked this hotel was considered three stars. Really? Has the star ratings level changed recently?

You know how Hotwire works, for deep discounts you don't know where you're booking until afterwards. Once I paid, I was shown the name of the hotel and I found a fair amount of good reviews, so I was hoping we'd be one of the lucky ones. When we arrived, the front was nice and we crossed our fingers hoping the rest of the hotel would look as nice as the lobby did. Unfortunately, the side of the hotel where our room was located caused my husband to ask me if I booked an upscale motel. WTF? We've never stayed in a place that looked like this. I'm used to room doors being on the inside of a hotel, not someone being able to see us park and walk directly to our room from across the street. I didn't like to see people hanging out on the banisters and yelling down to people at their cars. We have stayed at the regular Hilton for $100 for 3 nights, and my favorite Hampton Inn & Suites on more than one occasion, which is a Hilton value hotel offspring, lol... so seeing Baymont listed as a "surprise sale" for with a regular rate of $96 per night and and having a resort fee, I thought it would be a really good deal. I've been beating myself up wondering why I didn't just use my points for some place I'm used to, but the location of this hotel was perfect for the function we had to attend Friday night.

The stairs to get to the hotel room was dated. You can hear everything from the rooms. Once we opened the door, I felt OK. Although you can hear everything from the room (footsteps, noise from other rooms and outside). The room was clean and I liked the design. The set up itself was nice and had a cute kitchen and vanity area. The bathroom is another story. Our stay was for 4 people (2 adults 2 kids) as I put in the reservations box when doing my search. There were only two towels in the bathroom, 2 hand towels and one wash rag. I know they couldn't have thought hand towels would be enough for kids right? Luckily I always walk with my own towels and loofahs. One thing I don't usually have with me, that I had this time (thank God) were flip flops. The shower was dirty (stained maybe?) and old. There was soap scum, a dirty tub mat and a really rusted top stopper. Lots of black grout. There was also blood on one hand towel (photo), yuck!

We were only going to be in the room to get ready for the function at Citywalk and sleep, so I tried to keep that in my head the whole time but my husband wasn't having it. He was so ready to get his money back so we would stay where we usually do. He didn't care that the location of our normal "staycation" choice would take us out of the way. He just wanted a nice room. Unfortunately since we used a new email address to book this room, "accounts cannot be merged" so we were told by the online company that they had to treat the situation as if we were new members and not frequent travelers. Whatever! We received half of our money back, so I guess the hotel was worth the adjusted rate.

What I liked, aside from the set up of the room: Unfortunately, my son spilled a large cup of soda on the floor, the towels worked great at soaking up the mess. The sheets looked clean and the beds were super comfortable, there were no complaints in that department. We all slept great until 10am, I didn't even notice any of the usual snoring from hubby or the kids.

Final thoughts: I was originally going to give this hotel 1 or 2 stars, but before we left we decided to drive around the entire hotel to see all it had to offer and saw that the opposite side of the hotel was much nicer. I wish that was where we were sent, we probably would've had a better experience and given a more favorable review. There was a beautiful pool and a volleyball area. The other side of the hotel didn't look motel(ish) like the side we were on even with the doors on the outside. What I recommend to anyone booking this hotel is to request a room on the Black Lake Road side and not on the side of Sherberth Road.
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