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Cirque du Soleil Amaluna Experience

December 15, 2014 by Ronda

This was our first time at a Cirque du Soleil show, so I wasn't sure what to expect. When the opportunity to visit presented itself, I had to visit Google to find out if it was appropriate for kids. In their FAQ's section, it states: "Like most of Cirque du Soleil’s shows, Amaluna is meant to entertain the whole family. That said, moments of loud noises and darkness used during the show may frighten some children."

They've been to shows that had moments of darkness and every show has a bit of noise, so I figured it would be ok. We were prepared for the Amaluna experience!

Disclaimer: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Influence Central for Cirque du Soleil.
I received tickets to Amaluna to facilitate my post as well as a promotional item to thank me for participating.

  1. Cirque du Soleil Amaluna Experience
  2. Cirque du Soleil Amaluna Experience

IMPORTANT: Make sure you carry cash!!! Parking is $25 and cash only. If you do not have cash you will be escorted out of the parking lot.

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary big top circus tent, but once inside the difference is evident. The waiting area is large with bars and concessions, but nicely designed. There are also areas to take photos and purchase Cirque du Soleil goods.

SEATING: Once inside, we were surprised by how great our seats were. Seriously, we were in section 201, row L. It ends up being the second level of seats, but not far from the stage at all. It also faces center stage directly. It was perfect. We were close enough to see the faces of the actors clearly, yet there was enough distance between us that my eyes wouldn't hurt. I have neck pain occasionally, the last thing I'd want is to be so close that I would have to tilt my head back to see everything. Also, the stage rotates, so everyone gets a good view of what's going on.

There isn't really a bad seat there because of the way the set is designed, but the seats we received are the ones I would recommend to anyone. Unless you want to be a part of the show (I don't want to spoil it for anyone planning to visit), choose section 201.

AMBIANCE: The design of the set was beautiful. Very creative and the colors, lighting and sound were incredible. You really get the feel of being shipwrecked and surrounded by water and stars above.

ENTERTAINMENT: The plot is similar to Romeo and Juliet, except Romeo lands on an island with a clown pirate and very muscular friends. One of the obstacles the couple face involves Cali, the "lizard man". Cali is Miranda's (Juliet) pet, but unfortunately her pet has fallen in love with her. Awkward! Throughout the show he separates the two, only to capture and lock Romeo in a water bowl and perform a juggling act to celebrate. As expected, Romeo and Miranda reconnect in the end and everyone's happy (except lizard man).

The cast is mostly female, warrior types and you really get a sense of "I am woman, hear me roar". There was a lot going on, enough to keep you entertained. There was juggling, amazing acrobatic stunts, floating scarf, a peacock dance, teeterboard tricks, aerial stunts, waterbowl tricks and more.

FAVORITE PARTS: In this show was the most incredible somersaults I ever saw. I also loved the singing and the band. Those ladies sure know how to jam! Also, I enjoyed Romeo on the pole. He made a few moves that were nerve-wracking and I was afraid my kids would witness paramedics rushing to the stage, but everything ended just fine.

LEAST FAVORITE PART: This will be shocking to others who watched the show, but my least favorite part was the lady with the sticks. I know balancing sticks may have been an incredible sight, but I felt as if it lasted too long and took away from the show. I wasn't sure what it had to do with anything else that was going on.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A Cirque du Soleil show is something I think everyone should experience. There was a moment that scared my 6 year old, but after the initial meeting with Cali, he got over his fear of a 1/2 man, 1/2 reptile being. I told him to close his eyes and lay his head on my lap anytime he felt afraid. He did it once and heard the crowd laugh at the popcorn stunt the lizard man pulled on the audience before the show started. After that, he said he was more afraid of missing something, than characters in the show.

The show lasts about 2 hours and 15 minutes, but there is a 25 minute intermission. Also, because of all the stunts, the time doesn't move as slowly. Except during the Manipulation (lady with the sticks) performance.

Overall it was a great experience! I give it 3 1/2 stars.