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Handheld Garment Steamer with 60-Second Heat-Up

December 9, 2017 by Ronda

Looking for a handheld clothes steamer that can properly remove wrinkles from your clothes, curtains or other fabrics?

The Asani Fabric Steamer is lightweight and small enough to be taken with you when traveling. Sure, hotel rooms have an iron and ironing board it the room, but who wants to iron while on vacation or even at home?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

The steamer makes getting rid of wrinkles simple. It says it takes 60 seconds to heat up, but in just a little over 30 seconds the water in my steamer was boiling, with steam coming from the top. To use:

- Turn the nozzle of the steamer clockwise to open.
- Pour cold water into the top, up to the "MAX" line.
- Replace the nozzle.
- Plug the steamer in.
- Press red button to on (I) position.
- Wait for water to boil and steam to appear.

To steam clothing, make sure you don't forget this isn't an iron, keep the steamer upright or you will wet your clothing. Hang your garment up and allow the steam to touch your top while moving the steamer along your garment from top to bottom. Your clothes may feel slightly damp, allow it to dry/cool and it's good to go!

This steamer can also be used to sanitize areas of your home, clean furniture, and play the role of a humidifier.

The only down side is how quickly the water evaporates. By the time I finished one shirt, I had to replace the water in order to do another shirt. Luckily I used the steamer near the bathroom. However, this is a great, useful tool that would make a great addition to any home.


  • NO MORE WRINKLES: Unlike other hand held steamers for clothes that struggle to remove wrinkles and run out of water in no time, ours produces impressively powerful steam, is fitted with a unique nozzle head for consistent distribution, and comes with a high-capacity 140ml water tank that supports up to 10 minutes of continuous steaming. This means you’ll be able to easily remove the most stubborn of wrinkles without having to keep refilling the tank in between.

  • EXTRA-FAST HEAT-UP: No more waiting for ages for your hand held steamer cleaner to heat up. While regular handheld garment steamers take minutes to start producing steam, ours does it in a snappy 60 seconds. Save yourself some valuable time with a handheld garment steamer designed with superior efficiency in mind.

  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Bust wrinkles in a snap even when you’re on the move with this conveniently portable travel garment steamer. Our hand steamer is 8” tall, 5.5” wide at the bottom, and weighs just 1.1 pounds. So you can easily fit it in your luggage and keep wrinkles at bay even when you’re away.

  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: We take your safety very seriously. That’s why we’ve designed our portable garment steamer cleaner along strict quality guidelines and equipped it with auto shut-off functionality whenever the water runs out or the unit happens to overheat.

  • 100% RISK FREE WARRANTY: Effectively get out wrinkles out of your clothes, fabrics or draperies faster and safer all without having anything to lose. We’ve backed our mini handheld steamer with an ironclad lifetime warranty to give you total peace of mind and the best bang for your buck.