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I washed my Coach tote bag in the washing machine

April 16, 2013 by Ronda

Thankfully, my mother has always been a fashionable woman. Some of her pumps from the 80's were shoes I "took over" because in the 2000's those styles returned. A few years ago she gave me a Coach bag that was small enough not to be mistaken for a diaper bag (lol), but large enough for me to use as an everyday bag. I put everything in there, including my huge Nikon camera for when I have events to photograph. Well, this morning when I was getting ready to take my kids to the bus stop, I went to grab my bag and noticed a bunch of sugar ants crawling all over it. Hello Spring!

Ewwwwwwww! Just writing about it has my skin crawling and me slapping my arms thinking I saw 'something'.

When I returned home, it was time for me to get to work getting rid of those annoying ants. I definitely did not want to touch the bag, so I took a hanger and rushed it to the laundry room. I emptied the purse and shook out everything in it and threw the bag in the washing machine. I know, I know...I've heard that it's never wise to put leather in the washing machine, especially not a leather coach bag...but it had ants on it! What the heck was I supposed to do? I put it on the delicates - slow cycle and took a deep breath!

While waiting for it to wash and hoping it won't be destroyed, I started to wonder why ants would be in the bag in the first place. The table top in my bedroom that the bag was on had no food on it, we don't even eat in there. My bag had no food inside. So what could be attracting sugar ants? Lotion? Well the bag was now clean, ant free and damp. I'm not crazy enough to put it in the dryer (seriously, that's even too crazy for me!), so I have it air drying right now. It actually looks the same as it did before I washed it.

After it dries and hardens a bit, I expect it to be good as new. I do not recommend you trying this, just glad in my case it worked out fine!

Check out the photo for yourself!

I washed my coach bag in the washing machine, and...