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Insta Slim -  Instant Figure Shapewear Review

March 7, 2013 by Ronda

Disclaimer: I received the above items free from InstaSlim. The following review is my own HONEST opinion of this product.

Obviously, you clicked this link because you're interested in finding out if this product works as well as Insta Slim says it does. Who better to test it than me?

I received my InstantFigure - Seamless Scoop Tank on March 6th, my husband received an Insta Slim Muscle Tank. Included was a disclaimer for first time customers:

"It is normal for compression products to be snug and hard
to put on when trying on for the first time.
We recommend stepping into the garment and pulling up".

Oliver's experience
Boy was this the truth! My husband, being the type of guy who never reads packages, tried his garment on and was stuck in a position with his hands in the air. I wanted to take a picture of him so badly, but in order to get him to take part in my "experiment" so I can provide a thorough review, I agreed not to have his participation digitized. I laughed first then helped him pull the top back up past his arms so he could put it on properly. After he put it on we were able to notice a difference. It wasn't a drastic change in terms of changing the look of his mid section, but with the slimming top on his posture was better and his back was smooth. Measuring him we saw that there was a 2 1/4 inch decrease in his waist size. Pretty good! I did not expect a change in his mid section at all, because although he has a big belly, it's not a jelly belly. His stomach is rather hard .

Ronda's experience

If you have loose skin, you may see a 5" difference, maybe even more. But, if you have tight skin, you may not notice a dramatic difference.

According to Insta Slim, "You'll look up to 5 inches slimmer instantly!" That is fact. My husband had a decrease of 2 1/4 inches. The promise was UP TO 5", NOT A MINIMUM OF 5". As long as you have realistic expectations for slimming garments you will be satisfied with this purchase!

I tried it on, on day one. But I didn't actually wear it until March 8th, after washing it. Oh, did I forget to mention it's machine washable? I followed the instructions and when it came time for me to wear it, it was just as new (but with a fresh scent). As soon as I put it on, I noticed my "love handles" were gone, but my back had a few rolls. I realized those rolls were caused by my bra, so I took off my bra and put the tank back on and it was great! Especially since the tank kept my bust in place anyway, making the bra unnecessary. My mid section was smaller as well, so I had my husband measure me. I was 3 2/5" smaller in my waist. Now, that may not seem like much to you, but take a look at the photos. It forces good posture, lifts my breasts without a bra since the material is compression. There's no muffin top, my waist line is smooth and my top fits better. Pretty good!

I tried maximizing the results by wearing this garment with my trusty slimming high waist shorts from another company. The results were amazing, a total of 6 3/4" smaller, but the problem with that idea was that the Instant Figure tank kept riding up. Not to mention, I couldn't breathe. Although together, I had the waist to hip ratio I've been dreaming of, it was very uncomfortable. So I took off the shorts and kept on the tank top to experience a night on the town!

After arriving at my destination, I had to pull the tank down when I got out of the car. I also had to pull it down when I got up from my seat, so basically it will have to be pulled down after you're in a seated position. But, it's not too big of a nuisance.

About the Tank:
  • It's Made in the USA (woohoo!)
  • Machine Wash Cold (great for me, because I never go to dry cleaners and do not like to hand wash anything!)
  • You can use bleach!
  • Tumble Dry or Line Dry!
  • 72% Nylon and 28% Spandex

What I like:
  • It does exactly what it says it will!
  • It helped my posture. I have large bosoms and they can be very heavy. Sometimes I feel as if I might tip over. This top in a way forces me to stay upright.
  • Once you get it on, it's comfortable. I don't need to wear a bra!
  • The stitching on this tank is well done.
  • It is really firm.
  • It supports my bosoms like a bra even though it does not have a built in bra. It acts as a minimizer. It will flatten a man's chest, so for guys with "moobs" (man boobs), this would definitely help you flatten that area!

What I disliked:
  •  It can get a bit warm! But hey, that may help burn more calories!
  •  It wouldn't stay in place. If you wear it tucked in, it may ride up. If you wear it over the waist of smooth bottoms (like tights), it may ride up. It stays in place with jeans.

I rate this product a 4 out of 5 stars. What I think is great about Insta Slim products is that it's marketed to men AND women! I know some guys like to pretend they would never consider wearing one, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. It's basically a tee shirt, not a thong! Also, it's affordable. While there are so many companies offering a slimming product for nearly $100, you can get an Insta Slim tank for as low as $19.95. That's a great price for a product that actually works. The only thing I would suggest for future products is to include no slip grips at the base of the top. Many garments include that now to prevent movement of slimmers and although we don't think a top would need that extra factor, it will prevent the only issue I have with this tank from happening.

I would definitely recommend the Insta Slim products to people looking for a quick way to change the look of their midriff. Of course it's no substitution for the results we can get from diet and exercise, but until we reach our goal weight, this will help!

UPDATE 12/12/15:
After years of use, the Instaslim tank has finally succumbed to constant use. It was fine until I started crossfit. Then I started to notice small holes on the sides that quickly became large holes. I tried hand sewing it in those areas, but that led to "runs" in the material. I hand washed it, but realize if you wear this while active, it can last long take care of holes quickly because once they are large the tank is no longer useful and cannot be sewn.

Being too cheap to toss it, I machine sewed it. It's like new again, snug like the first time since I had to remove about an inch of fabric.