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nuNAAT Garlic Magic Line Review

November 19, 2015 by Ronda

My hair has grown a lot in the last two years since I transitioned from permed to natural hair. Although dealing with my hair sometimes makes me miss the ease of managing straightened hair, after seeing how healthy and thick my once thin hair is now, makes me happy to have made the change. My new issue is dealing with the ends of my hair that do not retain moisture. It ends up in coarse knots at that I have to trim monthly.

Photo taken before washing my hair with nuNAAT Garlic Magic.

[See earlier post of my experience using the nuNAAT Real Me Curl to Coil product line]

I never heard of garlic being beneficial to hair, but I like to try new things! As you can see in the photo on the left, my hair is dirty! Thankfully I don't have dandruff, the white stuff on my scalp is the result of coconut oil, water and curl defining creams which I find myself using often during times of letting my hair breathe. But, it's just as embarrassing because after using them in my hair, if I brush my hair I still end up with flakes once the coconut oil dries. I haven't perfected the coconut oil in hair system yet, so I like to try full lines that are created to make my hair life easier.

Reasons I wanted to try it

Here's a description from nuNAAT:

If your hair is slow to grow and you are frustrated and confused; we understand.
You know your hair’s hidden potential and we’ve mastered helping you achieve it.
NAAT Garlic Magic is developed with garlic extract and will restore your hair to a strong,
healthy and natural state. You may have concerns about your hair texture and
its response to certain products; no need to worry, the NAAT Garlic Magic Collection
is suitable for all hair types especially for those struggling with fragile, slow-to-grow hair. - nuNAAT

After reading that, who wouldn't want to try this product collection? Some areas of my hair are slow to grow, especially my edges which have experienced years of abuse. The ends are dry and fragile and sometimes when I wash my hair, I see some of it wave goodbye as it circles down the drain.

NAAT Garlic Magic Shampoo
The lather isn't as rich as other shampoos I use, but it leaves my hair feeling clean and looking clean.

NAAT Garlic Magic Conditioner
It softens my hair. I wash my hair while showering because it's easier. I also comb my hair while conditioning to make it easier to detangle and so I can see if the clumps of hair that fall down the drain decreases as time passes. Initially, there was a lot of breakage. But after weeks of using the Garlic Magic collection I noticed less and less tiny curls washing away.

NAAT Garlic Magic Hair Mask
It did leave my hair feeling moisturized and it appeared less frizzy.

NAAT Garlic Magic Leave In
This actually worked to define my curls. I'm still on the fence though, because I have never been too comfortable with leave in conditioners, so I will continue to use it and update this post at a later date.

As mentioned, it doesn't smell anything like garlic, it smells like what shampoo is expected to smell like. I have only been using it for a little over a month and have not noticed any change in terms of my hair being stronger or new growth, but it looks healthier. I think I will start using it more often to see if it changes as I use it on a regular schedule.

Manufacturer Description:
The NAAT Garlic Magic line is amazing. Aside from the magical fact, that it does NOT contain a garlic smell from the garlic extract, it has fabulous benefits including:

  • -Restoring hair to a strong, healthy and natural state
  • -Formulated with garlic extract
  • -Fresh, clean scent. No garlic smell!
  • -Fights dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair loss
  • -Suitable for all hair types.
  • -Ideal for slow-to-grow and fragile hair