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Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser Review

May 29, 2016 by Ronda

I never had any interest in owning a water flosser. It reminded me of sitting in a dentist chair and having the assistant use something like a water flosser to rinse my mouth. The first time I realized it could be used at home was years ago when my mother-in-law asked for one for Christmas. Although she received it, I still didn't understand the purpose or even care enough to investigate its uses.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase this product using my links.

On, the Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser is frequently purchased with the Sterline Sonic Pulse Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush (my new favorite toothbrush). Plus, it has over 100 reviews and 4.5 stars, so it must be good, right?

Luckily, I was given the opportunity to try both.

What's cool is the cover for the flosser doubles as a holder case for the extra flosser tips.

The water flosser has four different types of tips:

  • 3 Regular Nozzles.
  • 1 Tongue Scraper, self explanatory.
  • 1 Orthodontic Tip, to clean between teeth and braces.
  • 1 Pocket Tip, for low pressure rinses.

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  •    MULTIPLE WATER FLOSSER TIPS - Includes a tongue scrapper, perfect for removing bacteria from the surface of your tongue; an orthodontic tip, which cleans between teeth and around braces; a pocket tip for low pressure rinses specifically for periodontal pockets; and a standard nozzle which is perfect for everyday use.

  •    TWO BUILT IN TIMERS - Automatic Timer, shuts the water flosser off automatically after two minutes of flossing; Interval Timer, a 30 second timer that allows you to clean all four quadrants of your mouth evenly.

  •    DEEP TEETH CLEANING - With powerful pulsation (1,400 Pulses/Minute), the water flosser is more effective at removing plaque and debris than regular flossing. The powerful pulsation also helps to improve gum health by massaging and stimulating gums to improve circulation.

  •    ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE SETTINGS - Includes 10 water pressure settings to help accommodate everyone's oral health needs. For people with sensitive gums or just starting to floss, the lower settings are perfect to get you adjusted! The higher pressure settings are great for removing any debris that is stuck and for blasting plaque away!

  •    SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Each unit is individually tested and we stand behind it with a 2-year warranty

Water flossing is an alternative to flossing with a pick or string floss. To get the benefit, aim the flosser tip near the gumline and slowly move from tooth to tooth, inside and outside of teeth.

The Sterline water flosser is easy to connect and use. To turn it on you have to press the power knob, to change the pressure just turn the power knob clockwise. The cord vibrates the higher the speed. That scared me a bit when I first saw it, because I thought water was going to end up everywhere, but no water came out. The flosser handle also has a power button, turning it on is how the flosser releases water.

Most people will figure out how to set it up without instructions. Using it is another story.

Advise Choose the flosser tip you like and test the pressure over your sink. When you're ready to use it, in order to prevent spilling water, use the flosser while leaning over the sink. That should be obvious, but I stood straight up as I do when I brush my teeth and wet my bathroom mat.

Personally, I like the one-setting. The pressure was low as desired and I was able to get an understanding of what the water flosser would feel like. I put it on the ten-setting to experience the speed and water was spraying all over the place.

I'm used to using the dental picks, which I like, but some of my teeth are sensitive and it feels as if it's loose (although it isn't) when I use the pick between some of my back teeth. I don't have to worry about that with the flosser, but my sensitive teeth still feel funny when the water is sprayed in the area. People without sensitive teeth would not have to worry about that, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I get a nice, clean feeling from this flosser and I will definitely continue to use it!